Section 6: China University of Science and Technology to MRT Linguang Station

Japanese blue oaks produce acorns in abundance. This is one of the favorite food sources for Taiwan black bears, flying squirrels, Reeves' muntjacs, mountain boars, and mountain goats in autumn and winter. This is a survival tactic to maintain community numbers. The tree’s wood is hard, and was often used for building materials and railway ties in the past. In many cartoons, animals are seen eating acorns, these images appearing in our childhood and introducing people to nature. The sour creepers, a savior for thirsty early settlers, are quite common along this path. To increase their access to the sun, they often climb up to the treetops, the canopy shared with the sour creepers, which turn crimson in spring and summer.

Mt. Nangang

Rocky walls

Japanese blue oaks