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Exploring Unknown Volcanos

Mt. Qixing, with an altitude of 1,120 meters altitude, is the highest peak in Taipei City. The mountain is named Qixing (“Seven Stars”) because the top is eroded into seven hills of different sizes. Besides observing downtown Taipei City, visitors can also visit Xiaoyoukeng, Dayoukeng, Dream Lake, Lengshuikeng, and other area attractions.

At Xiaoyoukeng, you can see solfatara, fumaroles, and boiling slurry created by volcano activity, with high-temperature steam often emitted as well. Lengshuikeng includes multiple terrain features, such as natural sulfur hot springs that can be used for foot bathing, Milk Pond, Jingshan Suspension Bridge, ecological pools, and deciduous cypress. In autumn, the area is full of beautiful golden-yellow silver grass.

Founded in 1999, the Taiwan Nature Trail Society trains professional instructors and is devoted to providing guided tours and ecological conservation. It also organizes regular environmental courses with the Homemakers Union Consumers Co-op. It designs itineraries in cooperation with Eternal Trip, Kai-Fa Group, Hillmont Tours, ezTravel, and KKDAY, connecting suburban hills, community pathways, and urban green belts. These trips are closely integrated with the life of citizens and explore the various corners, geographic features, and landscapes of Qixingshan. These tours are great channels for the introducing the natural world to the public, increasing environmental awareness on protection and conservation.

Ascending the trail during the silver grass blossom season, the trail is surrounded by large swathes of arrow bamboo all the way to the top. The breathtaking grand mountain vista brings both a sense of nature’s magnificence and of the smallness and insignificance of humans’ place in it.