Theme Activity

Pilgrimage for Blessings

Make a wish for the coming year at the Zhongnan Pavilion, with lanterns lit up along the pilgrimage access pathway as blessings. Walking with bamboo and stone lamps lining the way, this trail is 993 meters in total length. With physical strength, determination, devotion, and humility, walk up to Zhinan Temple to pray for blessings.

Zhinan Temple was built during the Japanese colonial period. A long paved pathway leads up the slope towards the main buildings. This route is surrounded by bamboo and cypress, with stone lamps adorning the way. This old passage has the most stone lamps in Taiwan, and is also the Taipei Grand Trail section with the deepest cultural heritage. Besides the many historical relics, 12 old stone Chinese zodiac carvings stand amidst the grass. Under the tall old trees and deep shade, the scene is serene and comfortable. 

Follow the Taipei Grand Trail and leave the woes of 2021 and the pandemic behind. As the year ends, walk up the century-old pilgrimage pathway to Zhinan Temple, enjoy the night views, and wish for the best in the new year!