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Spring Strawberry Season at Baishihu

Baishihu is located on the fourth section of the Taipei Grand Trial. The main produce of this area is strawberries, the harvest season December to May. Among three main cultivars, the Neihu No.1 resembles a molar in appearance. With balanced sour and sweet flavors, it’s also called the “apple strawberry.” Because of northern Taiwan’s rainy climate, elevated cultivation is used for the strawberries in greenhouses, avoiding mud worries on rainy days.

Baishihu was once inhabited by indigenous Ketagalan communities, and abounds with white sandstone. As this place is a circle valley surrounded by mountains, it was called a “hu” (lake). “Baishihu” literally means “white stone lake.” The walls of the old Taipei walled city, built in the Qing Dynasty, featured stone from this place. In recent times this area’s focus has been on organic-produce farms and leisure agriculture, showcasing local ingredients and farming experiences for edutainment purposes.

Professional instructors from the Taiwan Nature Trail Society introduce the ecological resources, topography, vegetation, and landscapes from Dagouxi Ecology and Water-Control  Park to Yuanjue Temple on the fourth section of the Taipei Grand Trail. They highlight the importance of cherishing the environment and nature. Baishihu Leisure Agricultural Area hiking and fruit-picking experiences have been designed for the public. These encompass exercise, craft, and strawberry-picking activities for family participants. For hikers, Hillmont Tours and Tito Hiking have designed all-hiking trips that include a lunch featuring strawberry and rose myrtles as ingredients.

Come explore the beautiful ecosystems and landscapes of the Taipei Grand Trail in the wonder-filled spring.