Theme Activity

Field Trip at Guizikeng

Guizikeng is at the southwestern tip of the Datunshan Range. It has the oldest exposed tectonic layer in Taipei. Bare rock walls contain a high concentration of Kaolinite and silica sand, raw materials for ceramics and glass respectively. During the Japanese colonial period, this was an industry hub for ceramics. 

There is a clear line between the exposed different tectonic layers at Guizikeng. This kind of “inconsistent geological structure” is rare and precious. The lower layer is sedimentary rock formed by orogenic movement. It’s composed of white sandstone, Kaolinite, black carbon rock, and coal shale. The upper layer is igneous rock from Datun volcanic eruptions about 600,000 to 800,000 years ago. It is composed of volcanic ash and larger Andesite.

To protect this geological landscape, the government has been making investments since 1980 in facilities such as plantations, a campground, ecological park, and trails. In the ecological park, the government has installed erosion demonstration tanks, a meteorological observation platform, geological layer introduction, and geological observation footway. It has become a renowned outdoor geology classroom, and is a great place for environmental awareness and public education. The ecological park is also a popular outing destination on weekends.

Events for the Taipei Grand Trail are focused on outdoor exploration and hiking. We invite you to visit outdoor geology classrooms on foot, and enjoy the buzzings and chirpings of insects and birds and the serene experiences of summer. Itineraries include professional knowledge, exercise, and natural landscapes.

Professional guides introduce the Guizikeng Trail and its geological landscapes, and the beautiful ecological park’s biodiversity. The meal box contains local flavors from Beitou, the bread and snacks made with tangerine and organic produce that represent the abundance of the Beitou and Yangmingshan area.