Theme Activity

Hiking Love

The Taipei Grand Trail’s Section 2 spans 12 kilometers from the Miantianping Pavilion to the Xiaoyoukeng Visitor Center. Along the way, the representative fragrant maple (endemic species) has many seeds in its fruits (“capsules”). The fruits are resilient and difficult to crush.

Learn to be true to yourself and move towards a spirit of fulfillment.

The hydrangea is a symbol of hope, loyalty, eternity, reunion, and happiness, a unique blessing from Mt. Datun.

Zhuzihu’s annual hydrangea season happens in May and June. This mountain basin, surrounded by dormant volcanos, is the place of origin of japonica rice in Taiwan. With misty scenes and blossoming flowers along the trail, the setting feels otherworldly.

The Taipei Grand Trail and the annual hydrangea season at Zhuzihu distribute positive meanings. With postcards and stamp collections, you can send blessings to yourself or others. Capture beautiful moments with each other at a blossoming hydrangea farm, and follow professional guides to learn more about Zhuzihu’s Dinghu area.

Let life’s road through flowers start here, and let the hydrangea fill you with hope, bringing sweethearts loyalty and happiness together and bringing family and friends joyous times together.