Theme Activity

Photography at Heritage Sites

The Jiantanshan Trail is in the Yuanshan Scenic Area. This area has ten main features, including the Grand Hotel, blue magpie landscape, leisure section, insect forest, military garrison, downtown view, Mt. Guanyin sunset, Laodifang Lookout, birdwatching area, and tunnel experience. We’ll show you along the trail.

Viewing these traces of the local historical and cultural legacy, we can witness the laborious process of early settlement and the military tensions of past times. Along the scenic pathway, river, sunset, and other natural landscapes are on view. Prosperous great Taipei is laid out before you, with the iconic Taipei 101 building in the distance. Access trailheads are conveniently close to metro stations. On weekends, this is a leisure place for seniors to sing karaoke and exercise.

The Jiantanshan Trail is close to bustling downtown Taipei, but is home to precious natural forest and insect ecology. It is like walking into a serene, isolated ecological park with refreshing air. It turns out the mountains are really accessible to us.

On this rich historical and cultural section, follow renowned photographers and learn how to take breathtaking photos with smartphones at hand. Leaving the hustle of the city, immerse yourself in mountain calm in order to hear the aria of nature.