Theme Activity

Cosplay at Fuyang Eco Park

Fuyang Eco Park is on the sixth section of the Taipei Grand Trail. From the Japanese colonial period to 1988, this was an ammunition depot. It has now been transformed into an ecological park with historical and natural features. The park is divided into several areas, including an entrance introductory, ecological waterway, military remnants, ecological recovery, butterfly, secondary forest, wetland, and cicada area. It offers more intimate access to nature to children, cultivating a sense of caring for the environment and a keen eye for the natural world from an early age.

In the park, children can imitate and dress up as three signature animals: the wax cicada, tree frog, and Formosan giant flying squirrel. On guided tours by The Society of Wilderness, children learn about animal habitats and ecological knowledge. It’s important to learn about ecological preservation and cultivate respect for nature at an early age. Family-oriented hiking outings enhance familial bonds while providing both education and entertainment. Along the way, children see the Taipei 101 building from afar at multiple pavilions, and realize our proximity to mountains.

This activity involves four groups. Itineraries are designed with Eternal Trip, Kai-Fa Group, Hillmont Tours, and ezTravel. Whether you prefer enjoying nature easily or a hardcore hiking challenge, there are suitable itineraries for you. Welcome to join us.